The glass and I work together. I blow a bobble, then I start to push, warm, make holes, push some more –  the glass answers –It stretch, move, and it suggest. When the object is finished it will show an action, a story captured in a fixed form.

It is important to me that what have happened shows in the result. The seethroughness of the glass reveals the process.

As a trained actress the improvisation with the material comes natural and is important to me. My projects often consist of a group of objects that relates to and comment each other.




Jeg er medlem av Kunsthåndverkerne i Kongensgate 2, Oslo hvor jeg selger vaser, boller, snapseglass m.m.

CV Ina Kristine Hove (1963)



Buskerud Kunstsenter 2015

Norske Kunsthåndverkere, Årsutstilling 2014

Ryvarden Kulturfyr 2014

Kunsthåndverkerne i Kongensgate 2013

Nesoddparken AS / Kulturisten 2012

Nesoddparken AS / Kulturisten 2011

Kunstnersenteret i Buskerud 2011

Rejmyre Glasmuseum / Rejmyre Art Lab 2010

ESSENS, Kunstbanken Hamar, Kube Ålesund 2010

Nääs Konsthantverk, Galleri, Göteborg 2009

Planetens Minste Galleri, Oslo 2009

Galleri Nes, Seljord 2008

Hadsel Kunstforening: Melbudagene 2006

Sørumsand Kunstforening: Egenart med venner 2002


Whith DYNAMO*:

Spriten Kunsthall, Skien 2014

N. Idriss New Glass Art and Photography/Berlin Glass, Berlin 2012

Two Little Birds, Göteborg 2012

Galleri S12, Bergen 2011

Galleri Format, Oslo 2010

Nadania Idriss New Glass Art and Photography, Berlin 2010

NORSU Gallery, Helsinki, Finland 2009


*DYMAMO is a group of glass artist from Norway and Sweden who make exhibitions together. The members are Kjersti Johannessen, Tuva Gonsholt, Louise Olsson, Anna Roger, and Ina Kristine Hove.



Bought by Vestlandske kunstindustrimuseum, Kode  2015

Bought by the National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design 2013

Bought by Nordenfjeldske kunstindustrimuseum 2013

Grant from Arts Council Norway 2013

Bought by KunstnerSenteret Buskerud 2011

Grant from Norwegian Association for Applied Art 2011

Represented in the Catalog Northern Glass,

for The GAS Conference, Seattle by S12, 2011

Grant from Arts Council Norway 2010

Grant from Arts Council Norway 2009

Member of Norwegian Association for Applied Art 2009 -

Travel grant from Arts Council Norway, 2004

Member of Norwegian Acting association 1990-07




Ècole International de Tèâtre Jaques Lecoq, Paris 1990-91

Teaterverkstedet, Acting school, Oslo1986-88

University of Bergen, Theatre science 1985-86

University of Gothenburg, Theatre pedagogic 1983-84


Several workshops in Norway, Germany and Denmark. 1999-06

Worked as assistant in various glass shops in Norway 2000-08



Member of several fringe companies. Acted in several classics like “The Tempest” and “Uncle Vanja”, as well as modern and more experimental plays. My own company, Pikene På Broen (The Girls on the Bridge), put up several short plays by S. Beckett. We also worked with New Norwegian drama and poems. Currently working with the poems of Pier P. Pasolini. Starting a new project with the poems of Nelly Sachs during 2015



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